What to Look for in Tattoo Removal Facilities

May 8th, 2012  Posted at   Wellness
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Dr. Cyrus Chess, a dermatologist with The Dermatologic Laser Center in Norwalk, Conn., does extensive tattoo removal by laser. A physician or a laser technician who works under a doctor in a facility may remove tattoos.

Chess recommends considering the following:

Is the physician (or if a laser technician is doing the work, the physician in charge of the facility) highly qualified in the use of the Q-switched lasers?

Is the physician board-certified by the American Boards of Medical Sub-Specialties in dermatology or plastic surgery?

Does the doctor have different types of Q-switched lasers in the practice to cover the different colors? Are they owned by the doctor, or rented for a day or two a month?

How much training does the doctor or technician have in the use of these lasers? How many tattoo removals has he or she done?
“A laser technician who is not a physician but has treated thousands of tattoos over a period of years is probably going to be more expert at doing it than a physician who rents a laser once a month and has done it 20 times over a two-year period,” Chess said.

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