Product Review an Air Ionizer from the Sharper Image

October 11th, 2012  Posted at   Wellness
, , arrow   |   Comments Offarrow was so kind to provide with one of its air ionizers, the Ionic Breeze Quadra, Silent Air Purifier, so that we could test what we consider an “ionizing” phenomenon.

First of all, it seemed that the ionizer brought a bit of zing or energy into most offices. It also seemed to succeed at purifying the air of some of the smaller offices. However, we had many complaints regarding the noise of the ionizer, so we aren’t sure if the Quadra is really a “silent air purifier.”

Here are some comments from our employees:

Words from an IT manager:
It works nicely when the door is closed, but it’s pretty useless if the door is open…. The air has an almost bleached quality to it. This aspect I really like, especially if I leave it on over the weekend with my door closed…I come back on Monday … it’s a very refreshing experience.

The cleaning of the ionizer is a breeze. Just make sure the inside, including the ionizer rod, gets cleaned. Otherwise it may begin to spark … I even saw this happen at a Sharper Image store, … this must be a common problem.

The concept is cool, though ideally one should have several ionizers throughout a room, maybe one in each corner. This may make it more effective in open environments.

Some enthusiastic comments from a database programmer:
The Sharper Image air ionizer has been a delightful product. It is durable and easy to clean. The air feels fresher and it keeps me from falling asleep while I am at work. Before having the ionizer, I felt quite otiose [lazy] and the mood of the air would make me want to defenestrate myself. If it was not for the ionizer, I would not be the digerati I am today.

The only problem I had with the ionizer was that after several weeks of having it, it would make crackling noises that sounded like mosquitoes being hypnotized and drawn into the infamous, luminous blue. This problem was resolved after I cleaned two wires on the back of the machine with a can of air spray.

Our senior editor’s observations:
The ionizer is sturdy and easy to keep clean! When I first put it in my office, I really didn’t notice a difference until I shut the door. It almost felt like energy was emitted from the ionizer or at least increased air circulation. I used it for about a month … however, after about a week I didn’t feel any significant differences in my office.

Comments from an editor:
I work in a larger office with the back door slightly open, so I didn’t really notice a difference. I could feel a bit of ‘energy’ around the ionizer and that was about it. However, when I went to clean it, I washed off a fair amount of black goo and particulate matter. Due to the fact that the office is located in a somewhat industrial area with plenty of automobile traffic, it is possible that the open back door forced the ionizer to do a bit of extra work to keep my air clean.

A brief statement from another programmer:
It really improves the circulation of the room. My only concern is that it sometimes makes a bit of noise. I think it is helpful.

Comments from a web designer:

At first, I thought it was a multiple CD holder. It has a sleek, techy look. I work in a cubicle and the air does not circulate real well. But with the ionizer, the air was not as stale.

In all, it’s more of a plus than a minus. Now, if I could just figure a way to make it play CD’s and hold my coffee cup!

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