Know Your Rashes

May 21st, 2012  Posted at   Parenting
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Raising a happy, healthy baby is a constant challenge — and caring for your baby’s skin is a major part of that challenge. Children’s rashes run the gamut from minor, treatable conditions to those that are serious and life threatening.

As a concerned parent, it is wise to become familiar with the full scope of rashes that may afflict your baby; you may one day need to know how to manage them. Through your pediatrician, your family doctor, your local hospital or healthcare center, and your local library, learn what you can about the following rashes:

hives, measles, German measles, chickenpox, roseola and impetigo
cradle cap, ringworm and eczema
heat rash, diaper rash and allergic purpura
hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and fifth disease
yeast infections and scarlet fever
childhood leukemia

Being able to deal with whatever rashes and conditions your baby develops, if any, through the years may depend on your level of understanding of them.

Remember — knowledge is the best prescription.

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