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April 2nd, 2012  Posted at   Parenting
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To me, parenting is an awesome privilege, a tremendous responsibility, a source of exquisite joy and pleasure, as well as a source of extreme vulnerability and exhaustion. Each day is an adventure that calls upon creativity and every skill imaginable. We are constantly making choices, both big ones and little ones, and constantly taking action, not knowing what the actual effects might be.
Parenting is a humbling experience. From the moment we bring a child into our lives, through birth or adoption, the child is constantly changing in every way — physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Just when we think we have adjusted to the complications of one developmental stage, the child enters a new one. (more…)

March 26th, 2012  Posted at   Wellness
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The state of California recently released results of fitness testing of the state’s fifth-, seventh- and ninth-grade students. The results show that statewide, when tested in six fitness areas, more than three-quarters of the students are physically unfit. “Especially alarming is that nearly half were unable to achieve the minimum fitness standard for aerobic capacity, which is perhaps the most important indicator of physical fitness,” said Delaine Eastin, state superintendent of public instruction. (more…)

March 1st, 2012  Posted at   Wellness
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Encourage children to make their own decorations for Halloween with this easy glue rubbing technique. Kids can create their own designs or use pictures and patterns found in books and magazines. This same procedure can be used to celebrate other holidays too. (more…)

February 8th, 2012  Posted at   Wellness
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While it’s estimated that 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies offer some sort of programs related to health and wellness,1 relatively few companies have comprehensive health promotion programs that educate employees, encourage behavior change, teach skills and provide incentives. Examples of such programs include health screenings, health-related seminars, ongoing fitness/wellness classes, health prevention programs, fitness facilities and on-site physical therapy programs. (more…)

August 25th, 2011  Posted at   Parenting
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The Internet is an exciting tool. Online computer exploration offers many new opportunities to children. Children can do research for schoolwork, play games and meet friends all at the same time. Unfortunately there are people out there seeking to exploit children and sometimes adults. Be aware of the warning signs of an online predator and the rules for a safe online experience. (more…)

August 18th, 2011  Posted at   Newborns and Pregnancy
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My baby, Abbegail, has finally had her last breast-feeding. I have some mixed emotions, I am sad on one hand, she is so tiny, a baby in my eyes still; yet also I feel a sense of liberation, my breasts are all mine again! (more…)